Malou Beauvoir JAZZ Mag Festival 2017

Dear Friends,
I am often told that I don't Tweet or Instagram or communicate enough, so I just wanted to say a big thanks to all those who made it down to the Trianon for the "JAZZMAG NOUVELLES DIVAS FESTIVAL" on Jan 21st. ...and to all those who gave a hand at the last minute! And for those who couldn't make it....just a little souvenir from that magical evening!

Many people love "Papa Damballah" our final song. Friend Stephane Gregori filmed it and offered me this video...which shows a little bit of Haiti and our hommage to Toto Bissainthe and Papa Damballah. Hope you enjoy! See you at the PAP JAZZ FESTIVAL in Port-au Prince Haiti on March 8!


Introductions are never easy because you have to start somewhere…since I do so many different things, it’s hard to know where to begin. But, let’s just say… I am a multifaceted artist…. a singer and a songwriter whose inspiration comes from all things spiritual! Haitian of origin, I hold an American passport but have been living in Europe for over 25 years.
Musically, my influences range from Aretha Franklin to Janis Joplin, Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand and Carole King to Alicia Keyes and Dolly Parton. I love emotion, soul and melody. Check out the menu under “MUSIC” and listen to songs off my new jazz album “IS THIS LOVE, as well as tracks from “An Evening at the Swan” or “LIVE at the Lionel Hampton” You’ll also find some house, pop and acoustic titles that I’ve co-written with DJ BIBI and others.

I am also an actress. After landing a small role in Stephen Frears’ “The Queen”, I went on to play in “Paul et ses Femmes” by Elizabeth Rappeneau and wrote the song I perform in the film. I play Agnes, Paul’s first wife who is also a jazz singer. Last year, I played a small role in “PERCEPTION” (Season 3) directed by Kenneth Biller and starring Eric McCormack. Take a look in “PRESS & EVENTS” to find out about my upcoming performances and activities and in NY and in Europe …2016 will be an exciting and wonderful year!

Let’s leave the facets alone for the time being and go back to the spiritual side. It rules me! I believe that we all shaped and moulded by the experiences (good and bad) that we live through and that our happiness depends only on our capacity to apply these lessons we learn, to our lives. I believe the best is still ahead and that the truest joy comes from being in harmony with ourselves, the people we love and the things we are meant to do…Enjoy the site!

Malou Beauvoir